Free just pay shipping - prices & info

How the shipping pricing works?
International shipping prices for "free just pay shipping" items usually revolves between $6.95 - $9.95 Each (which are combined of a shipping fee + 2$ handling fee).
The final shipping price will appear after filling your shipping info and clicking "continue to shipping method" in checkout - you will not be charged before you see the price and confirm the deal.

What is the shipping price for more than one Free item?
For each item you will be charged for shipping & handling. Although, if you purchase more than one item you will get a automatic shipping discount for each item

1 item = 8.86$ shipping + handling
2 items = 15.78$ shipping + handling  (you saved 2$)
3 items = 22.58$ shipping + handling  (you saved 4$)
4 items = 28.76$ shipping + handling  (you saved 6.5$)




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